Prank Caller: “Is your refrigerator running?”

How many of you remember this old “junior high prank phone call?” (“Then you better go catch it!”) Speaking of “refrigerators,” we are celebrating a brand new relationship with one of the finest companies in America. Hussmann.  Next time you’re in a grocery store…reaching for the “ice cream,” there’s a good chance its being kept cool in a Hussmann refrigeration unit. We’re just completing a series of seven videos for Hussman on the proper procedures for “starting-up” a Parallel Rack System in a store.  I have a whole new level of respect for something we don’t think about much…the monumental logistics of keeping my Mint Chocolate Chip cold at my local store.   Hussmann?   You Rock!!   Thank you for this great opportunity!!

Country Rock…at its finest!

We’re thrilled to be ultra busy with the entertainment industry.  As we all know…God made many “Frank Sinatras,” yet only a few “make it.”  Well…watch this incredible tribute billed as “The Lynyrd Skynyrd Experience.”  Here’s Central Ohio’s own “Turn It UP” tribute band…rockin’ out at a recent fall festival.  Everything was captured perfectly!  Book’em Danno!  Here’s the link!  Enjoy…

We won the bid!! Passport is ready!!

Here at Seventh Son Creative we are absolutely ecstatic! We just won a bid from one of the most respected manufacturers in the world. In pre-production for some heavy-duty shooting and editing over the next several months. Capturing incredible footage throughout the North American continent…this is truly a “dream job” type of gig.   Lets make a video for your company.   Seventh Son Creative…showing the world how great you really are!” Call us today.  (614) 578-7771


One thing that’s for sure in this industry is the constant changes that take place.  Here at Seventh Son Creative, we continue to “step it up a bit” every chance we can get.  This fall, we’re proud to announce a major upgrade in our AVID Software System as well as our upgrade to “Digital Juice Pro.”  AVID is the pivotal Editing Software in the biggest Hollywood Studios.  Digital Juice Pro is a cloud service offering thousands and thousands of graphics and animations in 4k quality all royalty-free.   This “Disney-like” animation will amaze you.  Its our constant upgrades and attention to quality made creatively, that keep our Clients coming back for more.  Its no wonder that at Seventh Son Creative,  we’re known for  providing eye-popping digital imagery, that elegantly shows the world how great your really are.  Give us a call today…and get a quote that will probably surprise you.  We cater to some of the smallest budgets in the market.  Click on the “Reel” tab…and check out some of our latest samples.  Thanks for stopping by.